iOS/game development
Modelling and animation with Autodesk Maya and Mudbox
iOS/game development
Andrew Sullivan

Currently an undergraduate at the Universty of Southampton studying for a MEng in Computer Science
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My name is Andrew Sullivan and I'm currently studying Computer Science at The University of Southampton. Below you can find information about me, my hobbies and interests, my technical skills, as well as how to contact me.

A photo of me when I was older
Internet presence
Online I'm often known as 'elephantinc', because I really like elephants or on twitter I'm known as @THISISDINOSUAR, because @AndrewSullivan was already taken and this seemed like the next most logical name.

Technical skills
Programming/scripting languages

- Objective-C
- Python
- Java
- Perl
- C++
- C
Other technology

- iOS development


- 3D Modelling/animation with Autodesk Maya and Mudbox

Contact me

Of the social networking sites, I use facebook the most but the best way to contact me is by email or tweet.
Hire me

I'm available for freelance iOS and game development.

My CV is available on request.